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Buddhist Lessons Freediving Can Teach Us About How to Live

Guillaume Nery is a badass. He has a sensational video (with an intensely captivating soundtrack) of him freediving (diving on breath alone) and then bass jumping into the deepest blue hole in the world, Dean's blue hole. A pitch black underwater abyss. All on holding his breath.

Watch the video and go on, hold your breath:

How did you get on? The average person (in good health) can hold their breath for around 2 minutes.

He is a living example of pushing the limits of perceived human potential.

In his TED talk, he talks about how it's possible to dive like this, holding your breath that long. I found the talk from the French freediving champion (who broke the freediving world record four times) to be peppered with Buddhist messages that are applicable to everyday life. Here's what I found:

1. "Stay present, don't think about coming to the surface or else you will struggle".

In his case, when you struggle your lungs will implode and you'll be in trouble, the same is true for you. Accept the pressure. Don't resist it. Resistance to 'what is' creates negative affect (Eckhart Tolle) which is unhappiness. Change what you can, accept what you can't and have the wisdom to know the difference.

2."Free-diving is incredibly humbling, the sense of liberation you feel at the bottom makes you think about Planet Earth from Space and how insignificant we are and connected to something much much much larger. This is incredibly freeing".

Connect to that. Stay humble. Self-transcend. We are all one energy fragmented into trillions of little beings and life forms. We are all one of the same. The atoms that make you are made of the same atoms that rivers and trees are made from. We are one. Have compassion for it all.

3."The bends are the final test, pulling you in and out of consciousness before you're rewarded with the life-saving, oxygen filling your molecules when you surface"

This translates to: When you're about to complete something massive and amazing, you'll be presented by final tests by The Universe, to really test if you truly want this or not. Stay strong. Focus. On the other side of your biggest fear is your freedom.

4."Finally, if we learn to breathe better, we learn to live better as breath is what gives and takes away life"

Every breath is an invitation to reset yourself. Your state of mind. To reevaluate, to pick yourself back up, to start again, or just to remind yourself to be grateful for it.

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His Ted Talk is called The Exhilarating Peace of Freediving and you can watch it here:

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