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An Introduction To Positive Psychology and Self Transcendence

Self-transcendence - why you should live each day like it's your best friend's birthday is the title for my contribution to the newly published E-book, 'The Little Book of Happy, Healthy Living'. The book is a collaborative project and the work of nineteen bloggers, writers, health experts, fitness gurus, nutritionists and psychologists (hello) who have come together to produce a 160-page long book featuring twenty two wellness articles and twenty nine recipes.

I felt it necessary to introduce readers to Positive Psychology - What it is, where it came from and how it can help you today, wherever you are. You'll find out about Positive Psychological interventions, coaching and the power of visualisation and how your thoughts really do effect your physical health.

Other articles include recipes for wonderfully inspiring dishes as well as other articles on health: the gut, strength, moods and more, all compiled by the fantastic food writer Jo Romero.

You can purchase the book here for just £8.99. I wish you well in your journey of discovering new knowledge, advice and inspiration from the people who care the most.

Lots of love, Jenna

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