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Little by little - The power of incremental changes

The power of incremental changes

I am an empowerment coach for women. I also work with businesspeople in their workplace - from CEOs to temp staff and everyone in between. My passion is to help people to help themselves. I absolutely love helping them to realise their own resources and to believe that they can do anything, be anyone and achieve amazing things. Like starting their own successful company. So, how would you start your own company? I mean, what is the very very first thing you would do? Well, you would have the thought, "I could/I want my own company". Simple as that. One thought. That is what would happen first, right? Because it can’t happen without that. And how small is a thought? We have 65000 thoughts a day. And only 5% are conscious. So it’s relevantly tiny.

This post is about how tiny things can have a massive effect. How huge things happen from small beginnings and how from making incremental changes, you can see big shifts in your life. People who run marathons were not born runners. They made a decision and that decision fuelled their training. That training got bigger and bigger. Maybe they did a 5k, then a 10k then a half and then thought you know what? I could do a marathon. I had that thought while running last week. I beat my longest distance (Currently I’m training for a half) and I thought, wow, I couldn’t run this far without stopping a few months ago and now I can, this means I could do a full marathon! And more!

For example, learning to blow dry your hair. You know when you go to a salon and (ok sometimes they blow it so straight you look terminally ill) but you most often come out with a finish that you can’t or don’t do yourself at home. I’m not here to tell you how to style your hair. But that salon finish feels so good. You check yourself in mirrors. You delay washing it out. You value it and spend the extra money on it and don’t mind sitting in the salon chair an extra 30 minutes because of its effect on how you feel. So if you learnt to do it yourself, say by watching a 5-minute youtube video, and then practising, you’d be able to give yourself that feeling whenever you wanted. It’s worth it, trust me.

Writing a to-do list for the next day before bed. Takes 5 minutes to write. What happens while you sleep? Well your subconscious mind gets to work at starting the work on the list. That’s the power of prospection and future thinking. I have the science to back that up. So when it comes to the next day, you’re automatically moving through those tasks and get way more done than if you hadn’t done it.

While we are on bedtime, spending 5 minutes each night before bed thinking of three good things that happened today. Puts you in a positive mental state to fall asleep. What happens is, again, your brain soaks that mindset in overnight and you wake up happier. Also, it’s nice to fall asleep with a smile on your face. Running for 20 minutes. Three times a week. That’s 600 calories extra per week you’ll be burning and loads of extra oxygen you’re getting to your blood and skin. Squeeze that into your lunch break.

Drinking one large glass of water immediately upon waking. That's 1/4 of your daily intake then done. Just get into the habit of taking it to bed with you. It's about doing little things for the (not so distant) future you. And repeating them.

Also on your lunch break you can meditate. I used to go to a dusty old attic room at my old job, stuffed full with old books, papers and props. There was a single chair in there and I used to inhale all the dust every lunchtime if I hadn’t found the time to meditate at home before work. The effect? Happier, more relaxed, less reactive, better emotional intelligence, increased focus, increased productivity, increased memory, calmer, the list goes on.

Tiny investment that would normally, realistically, be spent scrolling or something, right?

A small task is so much less daunting than a long term goal. But that’s all long term goals are - the sum of all the little tasks that went into making them. Outcomes are the result of repeated behaviour and behaviour all starts with mindset. Make the decision that you want to commit to something to create the outcome and then do little things, as much as you can, to make it happen. You’ll be surprised how quickly the big things emerge.

Watch this amazing TED talk for more inspiration

The new year is a great time to start working with a coach. Contact me here to schedule a free session and let's get you towards those big, meaningful changes you want to make.

Lots of love,

Jenna x

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