Learning Intentionally

One-to-one coaching sessions and group sessions in schools covering essential topics such as: self-esteem & confidence, mindfulness, motivation and overcoming anxiety for students age 12-18

Group Sessions for Students and Young People

Equipped with over 10 years experience working in educational roles internationally, as both a trained
EFL teacher and a qualified Positive Psychologist, Coach and Mindfulness Instructor, Jenna has the practical skills to deliver
group training, an understanding of educational philosophy, classroom management and an awareness of the challenges that students and teachers face.


Offering Positive Psychology-based wellbeing workshops for school groups for topics including self-esteem, mindfulness, our relationship with the environment and its impact on wellness, resilience, confidence and Growth Mindset, she works with students in schools, academies and colleges in the South East including London, Brighton, Shoreham, Worthing, Eastbourne as well as Greater London, Surrey and other parts of Sussex.


Using applied Positive Psychology and evidence-based coaching approaches, sessions may include the exploration of emotional intelligence, the concept of flow, courage, resilience, goal setting, values and wellbeing.


Most importantly, sessions are designed with learning outcomes that include:


-Students feeling more confident in their abilities and improved self-esteem.

-Overcoming social comparison, anxiety and concerns for the future. 

-Increased resilience and bouncing back from a poor grade or negative feedback.

-The ability to recognise and work with individual character strengths (VIA)

-Improved attention and focus during lessons and exams.

-Setting, pursuing and evaluating meaningful goals. 

-Developing and maintaining more positive relationships with classmates, teachers, parents and themselves.

Sessions are interactive, with a presentation offering students new insights, facts, knowledge and information to take away about positive psychology followed by reflective written activities and group work.


Contact me for here more information about holding a group session for your students. 






Recent work in schools

What Schools Say

"Jenna`s session was really beneficial for our conference. She helped us to
open and widen our understanding about mindfulness, the right way of
responding it and how we can allow ourselves space to be. Personally, I really
enjoyed the smiling meditation part. Jenna was a warm gentle presenter who
communicated the essence of mindfulness clearly."


- Angelika Kristek, Student Section Co-chairs, The Nutrition Society

One-to-One Coaching for International students

Jenna also offers coaching for International students to encourage students to enhance their English through life-changing conversations both in person and via Skype.


If you're an adult International student or the parent of an English student please contact me to discuss options at info@livingintentionally.co.uk, call 07982 904 647 or book a free consultation here

What Student Coachees Say

"Jenna is positive, approachable and has an amazing vibe! She knows a lot on her field and is genuinely willing to help. I will definitely plan further sessions with her."

- Gamze, Turkish student of English, London

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