The Coaching Process


When you send your initial enquiry via the 'apply' page, we will schedule a 30-minute coaching session to determine if coaching is right for you at this time. 


Research in the practice of evidence-based coaching shows relationship factors are the highest contributors to success rates. Coach and coachee must click!


Your programme will be designed to be as short as possible as the best coaches aim to make themselves redundant; a dependent coachee isn't good for either party! The aim is to equip you with skills, knowledge and tools to use throughout the rest of your life! The results, effect and reach of coaching goes far beyond the sessions!


Although I possess psychological expertise, knowledge and experience, I will not offer you advice. Good coaches believe you are the expert of your own life and we will facilitate a space for you to explore that, sharing insight only with your permission. 


Coaching is a therapeutic service that is different from counselling and not designed to aid with the treatment of clinical depression. I may refer you if this is deemed necessary.

So if you're ready, click apply!



We receive your application via our Apply page


We schedule a 60-minute coaching session with you to determine if coaching is a  good fit for you at this time.


We will agree on a number of sessions then send out your coaching contract.


Upon receipt of the returned coaching contract, with both parties happy, we take payment and weekly coaching sessions will begin.