Thinking Intentionally - 4 x 60 minute sessions

Clear the clutter in your head. This is minimalism for the mind. Learn how to befriend that voice in your head, allowing more time to enjoy life instead of spending time in "analysis paralysis" and overthinking. Using techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) and the fundamentals of mindfulness, you'll learn how to identify 'cognitive errors' and rephrase them into thoughts that serve you. This package, building momentum over 4 weekly sessions, will teach you how to train your mind using the latest evidence-based scientific tools, that you can draw on long after the sessions have finished. Together we'll discover your limiting beliefs and instead, you'll learn the transformative power of metacognition and how to reprogram your mind to apply performance-enhancing-thoughts in any situation.


You'll benefit from improved: focus, confidence, productivity, sleep, relationships, open-mindedness, subjective well-being and self-worth.


Reduced: Overthinking, fear, judgement (feeling judged and judging others) and anxiety. You'll be able to 'let things go' easier and enjoy less rumination and worry.


By Thinking Intentionally, you'll also find you'll have more time on your hands to do the things you love.


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