choose freedom

Choose freedom from negative self-talk. Freedom from too many meetings. Freedom from stress. Choose healthy boundaries and resilience. Choose work-life balance. Choose awareness.
Choose a mental toolkit for optimum mental fitness. Choose response-ability (the ability to respond).


"I help busy people globally to regain a sense of choice over how to think, relate, grow and live" - Jenna Sinclair MSc

Wellbeing, Stress Management and Resilience Coaching for dynamic business people

 Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology MSc, Applied Psychology BA, Mindfulness CMA, Conscious Business Coach, EMCC Accredited Practitioner

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a "professionally guided process that inspires clients to maximise their personal and professional potential. It is a structured, purposeful and transformational process, helping clients to see and test alternative ways for improvement of competence, decision making and enhancement of quality of life. Coach and client work together in a partnering relationship on strictly confidential terms. In this relationship, clients are experts on the content & decision-making level; the coach is an expert in professionally guiding the process." - EMCC European Mentoring and Coaching Council.


On the left are some of the reasons people come to coaching, if they resonate with you then you are in the right place. On the right are some of the wonderful outcomes that coaching can help you to develop. These lists are not exhaustive. Coaching permeates beyond sessions and is ultimately a catalyst for even bigger, better, long-term positive development and I am absolutely honoured to assist you in this process.

Rationale for Coaching:


-Unfulfilling work (Sunday night blues)

-Low self-esteem/self-compassion

-No time for yourself/poor boundaries

(You say yes when you want to say no)


-Physical health issues

-Too many meetings

-People just jumping into your diary

-Unproductive/ distracted when working from home

-Habits you want to change but can't

-Negative self-talk / the inner critic

-Low confidence

-Inaction on your ideas, dreams and goals

-Poor work-life balance

-Emotional regulation issues

-Fear of burnout

-Can't 'switch off' and leave work at work

-Poor time management

-Small problems grow bigger



Positive Outcomes Coaching Can Develop:

-More consistent energy

-Healthy boundaries with others

-More time to do what you value

-More positive emotions

-More control over fears, anxiety and stress

-A kinder relationship with yourself: increased self-worth, confidence &


-A solid sense of purpose

-Improved sleep

-Increased resilience, determination and mental fitness

-Authentic communication

-Showing up as your best self to your friends, families and loved ones

- Able to hold yourself accountable

-Increased self-awareness 

-Knowledge of stress triggers

-Ability to respond and not react 

-Toolkit to maintain mental fitness

-Feeling supported

-Accountability and unconditional support

-Emotional Intelligence

When you become the observer of your subconscious thought patterns, you become the conscious director of your life.

"There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so" -Shakespeare

Mindfulness is the foundation for deeper self-awareness and emotional intelligence, essential for both professional and personal success.

As a CMA-accredited Mindfulness coach, I'll help you train your mind to observe and detach from your thoughts, become more enabling of positive thoughts, be more accepting of  'unwanted' thoughts and show you that it's a lot simpler than it seems!