choose freedom

Freedom from negative self-talk. Freedom from judgement. Freedom to be you. Choosing to love yourself and rediscover your worth. Choosing to become the most energised, aware and courageous you have ever been. Consciously choosing your life. Living Intentionally.

"I help people globally to regain a sense of choice over how to think, relate, grow and live" - Jenna Sinclair MSc

Executive, Mindfulness and Empowerment Coaching

 Positive Psychology MSc, Mindfulness CMA, Conscious Business Coach

Rediscover yourself

Why Coaching?

Are you unsure what to do next in life or how to get to where you want to go? Do you feel you have so much more to accomplish and want to make some big positive changes in your life? Maybe you're lacking confidence or know that you are holding yourself back, or maybe you simply struggle making choices that feel like your own anymore. If so, I can help you. On the left are some of the reasons people come to coaching, if they resonate with you then maybe you are in the right place. On the right are some of the wonderful outcomes that coaching can help you to develop. These lists are not exhaustive. Coaching permeates way beyond sessions and is ultimately a catalyst for even bigger, better, long term positive development and I am absolutely honoured to assist you in this.

Rationale for Coaching:

-Inability to make decisions

-Low confidence / self-belief

-Low self-care / always putting others first resulting

in low energy

-Boring routines (phone/work/phone/


-Unfulfilling work (Sunday night blues)

-A sense that you have 'more to give' or there is more to life...

-Low self-esteem/self-compassion

-No time for yourself/poor boundaries

(You say yes when you want to say no)


-Habits you want to change

-Negative self-talk / the inner critic

-Low confidence

-Inconsistent thoughts and actions - say

you want one thing but do another.

-Inaction on your ideas, dreams and goals

-Poor work-life balance

-Emotional Regulation Issues



Positive Outcomes Coaching Can Develop:

-More consistent energy everyday

-Stronger, clearer boundaries with others

-More time to do what you love

-To realise your potential

-More positive emotions such as joy, awe, excitement, gratitude and contentment

-More control over fears, anxiety and stress

-More self-worth, confidence and


-A solid sense of purpose

-Better sleep

-More resilience, determination and mental toughness

-A kinder relationship with yourself

-To bring the best person you can be to your friends, families and loved ones

- To hold yourself accountable

-To finally go for it

-To talk to someone who understands and honours your journey and is supportive yet challenging.

-Accountability and unconditional support

Become the Editor of Your Thoughts and The Director of Your Life

In Coaching, You Can:

-Learn to best utilise your top strengths and apply them across your work, relationships and personal health. 

-Create solutions to take you towards your best self, starting now.

-Develop knowledge around psychological principles such as  'cognitive errors' holding you back. What does that mean? For example, if you have a tendency to play down your achievements or personal qualities - or you can't accept compliments or take credit for your hard work without attributing it to someone else, you are doing something called minimalising. Knowledge is power.

-Co-create a life that feels truly aligned to you.

-Get to know yourself better. Self-awareness creates growth!

-Rediscover the meaning behind your 'why'. Wouldn't you love to wake up each day with purpose, excitement and joy, knowing you make a difference in the world? Identify your personal sense of meaning.



By Training Your Mind You Free Your Soul​
Life is not always sunny but when you learn how to cultivate quiet calmness from within, you can find peace and joy deep inside, whatever the weather. As a CMA-accredited Mindfulness coach, I'll help you train your mind to create an anchor of peace where you can return whenever you choose.
I can help you develop deeper emotional intelligence, emotional literacy, emotional wellbeing, and personal wellbeing.
“Many people die with their music still in them. Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it time runs out.”

― Oliver Wendall Holmes
You Are Incredibly Special


There was a 1 in 4 trillion chance you would be born! There has never been anyone like you.

There never will be anyone like you.

You are on your own unique path, with your individual strengths,
desires, wishes and talents.

Living Intentionally is to live with purpose. To recognise your mortality and your uniqueness by identifying our strengths and values, propelling you into creating the life YOU want to live.

We have 65,000 thoughts a day!
How many of yours are you aware of?

Science has proven that our thoughts create our reality.  Our thoughts become feelings. Our feelings determine our behaviour and which words we use to narrate our experience of life, our reality, which reinstates our thoughts. These words are important. 


Therefore our reality is a perspective driven by our thoughts and beliefs. This circle continues. Change one of these and it changes them all. You may or not be aware of these thoughts that tell you that you're unworthy. They can pass by unnoticed until we learn how to train them. This is where mindfulness training comes in. Once we become able to 'see those thoughts' we begin to disempower them and start the process of choosing our reality and creating a new, amazing life.


Years of conditioning, from the media, family, friends, education systems, societal structures, norms and organisations such as religion and politics, affects how you define your limits, your perception of what you can and can't achieve and can stop you from achieving your full potential or simply being as happy as you could be. With time, we get stuck in our ways as a result of our neural pathways being retraced repeatedly. The good news is, these ways are not fixed. We have something beautiful called brain plasticity which means we can literally train ourselves to become anything we want. The future does not equal the past. You can choose your reality. I love showing people how!


I work using a unique combination of research-based techniques which will bring your future goals closer to your current reality.


People report near-death experiences, or deaths of loved ones as being "wake-up calls" invitations to re-evaluate their lives, to realise what's important and to start living how they want to live. Why wait for such an experience? You have the choice to start now.