My mission:


To help reconnect people to their authentic feelings of self-belief, empowerment and self-compassion.


To our natural state, as we were when we were born.


Let me take you on a journey away from the chaos and back to yourself, where all is well and calm.


  • You believe there is more to life than what meets the eye. 

  • You are interested in personal development, wellness, happiness, bettering yourself and your circumstances but find self-help books to be confusing or ineffective or contradictory. 

  • You don't understand why you seem to attract the wrong people or the wrong situations no matter how hard you try.

  • You have a positive outlook and a desire to change something in your life and create big, long-lasting impacts which transpire to your relationships, your work and the story of yourself you're wanting to create of your life to leave behind.

  • You are curious about meditation and mindfulness and feel ready to delve deeper into it, to help you feel calmer, happier, more focused, more confident, more compassionate to yourself and others and less fearful about change or about the world in general. You want to get out of your own head. 

  • You are interested in science, you like real theories, you appreciate facts, factual findings and evidence-based approaches. 

  • You have always wanted to do something big and believe you have a greater potential than your current reality. 

  • You're interested in intuition, gut instinct and the power of your emotions.

  • You'd like to know more about your higher self.

  • You're interested in the bigger, existential questions about life... you hate small talk. 

  • You like laughing and don't take yourself too seriously.

The Diamond

The name 'diamond' derives from the sanskrit 'dyu' which means “shining” or "luminous brilliance". In  Indo-European tradition, the etymology of the word means to transcend from its root, with the meaning “shining sky” (intended as the divinity that he/she resides). The diamond is also known as “inflexible” (from the Greek adamas, “invincible”). The Indians called it 'Azira' meaning indestructible. 


The Diamond, as all the precious stones, symbolizes moral and intellectual values, it is the image of spiritual strength, of perfection, of greatness. The image of the diamond represents the mystical centre. 

It cannot be broken.


Blue is the colour of the peace: based on this, the flag of the United Nations is blue. It is, in fact, to emphasise the wish of peace and brotherhood.


The colour blue has the ability to stabilize the frequency of the heartbeat and to release pressure.

All of this produces relaxation for the body and reduces the sense of anxiety.


Those people who have a preference
for this colour are people characterized by deep and intense feelings. They are serene and calm and with a strong ability to find they're own internal equilibrium.




I'm passionate about human potential. I've been studying Psychology for the last 12 years and more recently, a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

I am a humanistic coach who truly believes all people are inherently good and doing their best at all times. We all just want to be happy. I will support you and genuinely think you're great because I value your uniqueness - there's no one else like you and that's something to be acknowledged, marvelled at and celebrated.


I'm interested in the deeper questions about life and meaning. I have a huge passion for nature and what it can teach us. I conducted research investigating the effect of the sea on the emotion of awe and chaironic happiness at the University of East London. I'm fascinated by psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) a new form of science where psychology meets quantum physics, also referred to as nonduality and 'mind over matter'. 


My philosophy is that we live in an interconnected universe and have the power in our minds to create our own realities. All we have to do is consciously step out of our own way in order to start living the life we would like, no matter how modest you would like that to be. Living Intentionally. With purpose and choice. I believe we can all have a life full of abundance, health and prosperity. I've turned my life around big time. See more on that here and here and here.


But I am no expert. 


We are equals. You are the expert of your life. You will be teaching me as I coach you, through your realisations, growth and development. I love coaching. I love the incredible energy both people are left feeling after a session. Thank you for inviting me to be part of your wonderful adventure. Because that's what it is. 


Live fearlessly and embrace it all.



See you in coaching,



Jenna Sinclair MSc

Founder, Coach, Existentialist

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