"Coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes"

John Whitmore, 2002

What I offer

I'm a certified Professional Coach based in Shoreham, close to Brighton and Worthing and I work with people who are ready to commit to making meaningful change in their lives and get to know themselves in more depth. 


I offer 1:1 executive coaching for leaders and I work daily with C-suite professionals from leading corporate organisations globally across areas such as: work-life balance, purpose, self-compassion, emotional intelligence, emotional regulation, self-awareness, leadership and stress management. 

I also offer 1:1 empowerment coaching (personal development) for individuals who are stuck, are lacking inspiration, demotivated in some areas of their life or want to know more about who they are and reach new levels of authenticity in order to thrive. 

My unique coaching approach integrates two core principles:

Creative and analytical thinking concept

The Science of Happiness

1.Positive Psychology

Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology (MSc)

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Ancient Philosophy & Widsom

2. Mindfulness

CMA (Complimentary Medical Association) Registered Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher 



Additional to conversational coaching, I  create personalised meditations that offer you many benefits ranging from deep subconscious reprogramming of negative thought patterns to relaxation to finding the motivation to pursue your goals. I professionally produce these and send them to you to keep forever and play as many times as you want. This is included free of charge in your coaching.

I also give insight and share knowledge on core elements of mindfulness during coaching sessions as well as pointing you towards literature and media I feel is relevant to where you are in your personal development journey. I also give you my undivided attention to actively listen to your whole being speak (listening to both your words and your body talk) and show you what you show me.


Coaching takes place online via Zoom or in-person on the beach in Brighton or Shoreham, East Sussex. Maybe a brisk walk along the river or, if you're brave enough, actually in the sea! Fresh air = fresh perspectives.

Covid restrictions mean it is currently Zoom only



I offer a 30-minute complimentary session to see if coaching is a good fit for you at this time. No strings attached.

What Clients Say

"Jenna is a breath of fresh air. Her wonderful energy facilitates a space that feels truly empowering. She is open, joyful and positive. This lightheartedness is balanced by her empathy, compassion and understanding. She nurtures a deep and sometimes challenging conversation, guiding you through your own thoughts to reach informed insight, which motivates lasting change"


—  Amie, Dublin


Applied Positive Psychology in Coaching


I've completed a rigorous Master’s of Science (MSc) post-graduate Psychology programme in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology in order to gain specialist Positive Psychology knowledge and practise, building on my existing Psychology degree.


What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology was born out of Humanistic Psychology around 50 years ago. It’s built on the premise that all humans are inherently good, therefore I will treat you with unconditional positive regard, which means I’ll wholeheartedly support you. Positive Psychology is concerned with all that is right about people, contrary to traditional psychology which has now been coined “the disease model” as it tends to focus on mental illness and what needs fixing.


As positive psychologists, we are celebrating people’s strengths and learning how to take mentally well people and help them to thrive, to flourish and to reach eudaimonic happiness, getting off the ‘hedonic treadmill’ and finding long-term happiness instead of quick fix after quick fix.



Along the way I have studied subjects including: Passion, Awe, Hope, Gratitude, Mindfulness, Resilience and concepts such as Flourishing, Languishing, Positive Emotions and Strengths as well as learning how to apply Positive Psychological theory within the workplace through undertaking consultancy projects analysing the needs of companies and then preparing comprehensive plans to increase wellbeing and improve productivity. This is based on theories such as Luthan’s (2002) Positive Organisational Scholarship (POS) and Positive Organisational Behaviour (POB) as well as applying the LIFE model (layered-integrated-framework-example) by Wilber (1997) in order to address wellbeing from a multidimensional perspective. This includes research findings within the fields of neuroscience, psychology and sociology - I believe life is not one dimensional and taking a multidisciplinary-scientific approach can yield the greatest results.



I have learnt how to apply the theories and research through the practice of evidence-based coaching. I have tested a range of different evidence-based approaches with numerous clients, evaluating each approach in order to find my own style of coaching, resulting in possessing a large toolbox of techniques, evidence-based Positive Psychology Interventions (PPIs) and approaches.



A PPI is an evidence-based intervention of varying time in length (anything from one to thirty days) which is self-administered via the instruction of your coach that involves you completing a certain activity or behaviour. When tested scientifically, it includes taking a measure of happiness/wellbeing/optimism/self-compassion using validated and reliable questionnaires designed to test progress before and after the implementation of PPIs. Therefore you can rest assured that the PPIs I select for you have already been proven to work on a number of research participants in scientific studies repeatedly.


I have a database of evidence-based tools which match the specific needs and requirements of my clients. Whether you would like more optimism, a greater sense of self-worth or help with relating, I will create a unique coaching programme for you. I am also trained in the implementation of creative coaching approaches so you can expect your sessions to be diverse and not limited to a 60-minute conversation. There might be drawing, walking and games.


Qualified & Always Learning

This is not coaching that you will come across, by the dozen, across the internet: full of promises of quick fixes by bogus coaches often charging extortionate prices. My years of University experience ended with the design, implementation and completion of a scientific study within the area of Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, ethically approved by The University of East London’s board of Psychology. Our colleagues, mentors and supervisors are well-respected and published in journals within the scientific community and it has been an honour to learn from and work alongside them. 

I take pride in my continuous professional development, I recently undertook 38 hours of CPD on an 8-week, Conscious Business Coaching course, I regularly attending additional lectures, conferences and undergoing coaching supervision to maintain quality, excellence and the application of emergent theory withing Positive and Coaching Psychology. This development and professionalism is reflected in my fees.


I offer both executive and empowerment one-to-one coaching at £120 per hour in blocks of six sessions and you can do as many blocks as you want.

I offer a 3% discount for payment upfront and 2% for referrals and returning clients.

I offer a 10-week one-to-one Positive Mindfulness course at £1200 which includes materials.

These are all currently conducted online via Zoom 

(I coached across 9 different countries in 2020!)

All 30 minute initial consultations and follow up emails are free of charge.