"Coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes"

John Whitmore, 2002

What I offer 

I'm a certified professional Coaching Psychologist based in West Sussex, close to Brighton and Worthing in West Sussex. However, I mostly deliver sessions online due to global reach and demand. I work one-to-one with people who are ready to take an active and committed approach to create meaningful change in both their professional and personal lives. 


I offer 1:1 resilience, stress management and wellbeing coaching for professionals and I work daily with professionals, including C-suite, from leading corporate organisations globally across areas such as work-life balance, purpose, self-compassion, emotional intelligence, emotional regulation, self-awareness, leadership and stress management. 

I also offer a 1:1 Positive Mindfulness course, details of which can be found here.

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The Science of Happiness

1.Positive Psychology

Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology (MSc)

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Ancient Philosophy & Widsom

2. Mindfulness

CMA (Complimentary Medical Association) Registered Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher 


In addition to coaching, I offer personalised guided mindfulness meditation recordings that provide many benefits ranging from deep subconscious reprogramming of negative thought patterns to relaxation to finding the motivation to pursue your goals. I professionally produce these and can send them to you to keep forever and play as many times as you want. This is included free of charge in your coaching.

I also provide insights and share knowledge on core psychological theories and applied psychology and mindfulness during coaching sessions as well as pointing you towards resources I feel are relevant to what's going to serve you most, depending on you are in your personal development journey. As a mindfulness teacher, I have cultivated increased presence and mindfulness over the last six years. As a result, I gift you my undivided attention to actively listen to you. I observe, without judgement, your whole being speak (listening to both your words and your body talk) and playback to you what I see to deepen your self-awareness..

My coaching approach combines two core principles:


Coaching takes place online via Zoom or in-person outside in Sussex. Maybe a brisk walk along the river or, if you'd like, actually in the sea! 


From session one:​

-Learn to best utilise your top strengths and apply them across your work and relationships.

-Create solutions and commit to positive actions towards your goals, starting now.

-Develop knowledge around psychological principles holding you back.

-Get to know yourself better. Self-awareness creates growth!

At session six:​

-Understand your 'why' - why you do what you do. 

-Catch your own limiting beliefs, language and thought patterns.

-Teach others new tools and theories via your own self-awareness work.

-Enjoy the benefits from new, positive habits that have formed.




I offer coaching at £120 per hour in blocks of six sessions. Each new block is to be re-contracted between client and coach towards the end of the initial six.

I offer a 3% discount for payment upfront and 2% for referrals and returning clients.

I offer a 10-week one-to-one Positive Mindfulness course at £1200 which includes materials.

These are all currently conducted online via Zoom 

All 30 minute initial consultations and follow up emails are free of charge.

I offer a 30-minute complimentary session to see if coaching is a good fit for you at this time. 

What Clients Say

"Jenna is a breath of fresh air. Her wonderful energy facilitates a space that feels truly empowering. She is open, joyful and positive. This lightheartedness is balanced by her empathy, compassion and understanding. She nurtures a deep and sometimes challenging conversation, guiding you through your own thoughts to reach informed insight, which motivates lasting change" - A, Psychology Student, Dublin


"It's always fascinating to talk to Jenna and the way she leads on coaching me is magical. I feel every time after we talked I always get a piece of new me evolved. Particularly love about the questions she throw out to make me rethink and how she gradually leading me to have a deeper thoughts. She knows what kinda of information, no matter articles, books

can help me grow. I am super glad that I met such a fantastic coach that I know is gonna change my life and make me a better me" - T, Senior Account Manager, Taiwan