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Are you ready for more energy, increased self-respect, clarity on who you are, what you want, deeper connections with others, and more PRESENCE, JOY and PURPOSE?

Do you want to slow down and actually enjoy life more? Easily say no to commitments that take away precious time and energy? Have a clear, clean and organised home? Take amazing care of yourself like you deserve and develop unshakeable confidence to live life on your terms?

What if in 3 months from now, you could be the relaxed, calm person you really are, not just when all the mess has been taken care of? Are you ready to give yourself and loved ones nourishing simplified home that feels sooo serene, spacious and easy to be in? 

If so, you are invited to my tailored What Matters Most coaching programme for overwhelmed millenials ready to transform their lives by refocusing their energy so they can create time for MORE of WHAT MATTERS.

Yay! You're in the right place if:

You are surrounded by stuff that needs tidying and organising yet you have nothing to wear and seemingly no food in for dinner? 

You want to spend far less time doing housework or other sh*t obligations and enjoy blissful self-care and personal pursuits - you are a real person who matters too!

You know something has to change but you don't know where to start. There's just so much clutter and you tend to buy more for a quick pick me up.

You're ready to enjoy serenity, better relationships (less blame and arguments over whose mess that is) and more space.

You're excited to raise happier, more regulated kids as they thrive in a simplified environment.

You are ready to do the inner work to manage to focus for long periods and dedicate time to things that light you up! That you intend to do but just can't stick to and feel bad about. Like buying a journal for a new journalling habit but just losing or forgetting about it. 

You're READY to be able to easily say 'No i'm good thanks' instead of YES.


  • Get 100% clear on what is truly important to you and take action to live intentionally and meaningfully.

  • Learn how to be assertive and say 'no' when you want to, easily.

  • Enjoy more time with loved ones.

  • Feel MASSIVE liberation after a serious decluttering, digital detox and home simplification. 

  • Increase your self-respect and avoid burnout.

  • Slow down and feel your body relax and regulate.

  • Solidify self-care practises that become second nature.

  • Get to know your beautiful self and the deeper meaning behind your buying and phone addiction and break free

  • Stop giving f*cks in the wrong places and give more of a f*ck about you. Aka redistribute your f*ck allocation


What Clients Say

"Jenna is a breath of fresh air. Her wonderful energy facilitates a space that feels truly empowering. She is open, joyful and positive. This lightheartedness is balanced by her empathy, compassion and understanding. She nurtures a deep and sometimes challenging conversation, guiding you through your own thoughts to reach informed insight, which motivates lasting change" - A, Psychology Student, Dublin


"It's always fascinating to talk to Jenna and the way she leads on coaching me is magical. I feel every time after we talked I always get a piece of new me evolved. Particularly love about the questions she throw out to make me rethink and how she gradually leading me to have a deeper thoughts. She knows what kinda of information, no matter articles, books

can help me grow. I am super glad that I met such a fantastic coach that I know is gonna change my life and make me a better me" - T, Senior Account Manager, Taiwan 

What's Included, Jenna?

In this 90 day programme, you'll get:

-6 x private 1:1 coaching sessions of 60 minutes

-Unlimited Voxer mon-fri

-Guided meditation visualisations

-Downloadable worksheets

-Decluttering checklists

-Self-awareness exercises 

-Life planning practical worksheets

-Accountability and Support


-Equal levels of cheer-leading support and no BS challenge!

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About Your Coach: Jenna Sinclair

Hello! I'm a transformational Life Coach and mentor who helps overwhelmed women to refocus their energy so that they feel confident, equipped energised to let go of what doesn't matter and create more time for what does so they can be present with their families and have time for their own dreams!

I've studied psychology for 18 years+ and have a BA in Criminology and Applied Psychology, a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, I am a certified Meditation and Mindfulness teacher, a certified Conscious Business Coach and I am EMCC-accredited. I've worked with hundreds of clients from C-suite to mid-level across the private sector internationally in 20+ countries with 1000+ coaching hours and I have launched and developed my own soulful conscious business since 2017!

other ways to work with me in Coaching

Single Coaching Session for New Clients

Single Coaching Session for Returning Clients

Executive Coaching

Develop a mindfulness practise with my help

How Mindfulness Can Help you

  • Mindfulness creates deeper self-awareness as you begin to observe your thoughts from a detached perspective.

  • Your body follows your mind and vice versa. When you intentionally focus on your breath, all your systems slow down. This includes your mind. Your parasympathetic nervous system is activated and you feel relaxed, safe and clear.

  • You develop more of a sense of CHOICE over your reactions when faced with a situation that is 'activating' or 'triggering'. You are able to pause before responding in a way that's more aligned wtih your values, rather than emotionally (angrily or fearfully) reacting, which can lead to regret.

  • Develop a more conscious moment to moment awareness of your body which can lead to improved health outcomes.

  • Become less judgemental of yourself and others.

  • Become able to notice cravings and aversions and break habits more easily. Such as addiction to your phone or certain foods. 

  • Improve cognitive functions such as your memory and executive function while reducing anxiety and fatigue. 

  • Develop more self-compassion and therefore more compassion for others. As a result your relationships improve. 

I offer live guided 20 minute mindfulness sessions that can be tailored to your specific desired outcomes. Easily booked at a time that works for you so no matter how busy your schedule is, you know you've got that short window of serenity booked. Book a consultation so we can tailor a mindfulness plan for you.
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