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Positive Mindfulness

Private one-to-one course, delivered online



On this course, we will cover 10 important areas that will allow you to apply what you have learnt across all areas of your life: relationships, work, personal growth, leisure and more. You'll benefit via mind (more peace and less fear) body (better immunity, less stress and more relaxation) and spirit (being able to hear your higher self and find answers to those more difficult questions you have).

Positive Mindfulness uses selective mindfulness exercises which have been adapted by positive psychologists to make them more suitable for people within their everyday settings. It has ten teachings, which vividly reflect certain aspects of everyday life as seen through the discipline of positive psychology. This relatively new branch of psychology extends the study of the human condition by promoting wellness and helping people to thrive. Mindfulness is one of the many positive interventions used to increase well-being.

Positive Mindfulness provides the cognitive learning environment necessary for knowledge to arise containing meaningful insight for its participants. It uses the basics of meditation to lay the foundations for developing attention and self-awareness. Thus bringing awareness to the self through each teaching, which then enables people to develop their own perspective. Once you know something about yourself, there is absolutely no unknowing it. Positive Meditation provides a path along which you start your journey that leads to knowing yourself.






The 10 areas we will cover are:


  1. Attention - The practice of attention gives rise to awareness. Attention and awareness conduct a dance around our thoughts, like protons and neutrons circling the nucleus of an atom. However, thoughts are not real and in fact behave like objects of consciousness as they bring meaning to our reality. Mastery in the ability to control thoughts will increase well-being and truly sets you free. Free from living in a state of mindlessness and partial attention. The practice of paying attention is at the core of mindfulness.

  2. Ego - The ego represents a sense of who we think and believe we are. Bringing mindful attention to this conceptual construction allows to recognise certain limitations the ego can impose upon our lives, impacting our relationships, work, relationship with ourself and everyday experience. Learning to simply notice the ego is the first step towards liberating ourselves from unfavourable emotional reactions.

  3. React vs Respond - Building on an increased awareness of ego and a heightened level of attention, we are more able to employ a mindful pause when faced with emotion. This allows us to regain a sense of choice over how we proceed, a response, instead of allowing an automatic emotional-fuelled reaction which we may later regret. 

  4. Gratitude - Developing a sense of gratitude invites us to shift our perspective at any given moment towards one of deep appreciation for all aspects of our lives. An essential resource to maintain and cultivate resilience and one that has widely been applied through both interventions in positive psychology and mindfulness teachings.

  5. Judgement - When aware of the ego, we can become aware of judgement towards ourselves and others. When we realise these judgements are based on illusions, stories and long-held conditioned beliefs which hold no truth, we can release them and, instead, enjoy a more open mind, increased positive emotions and a better relationship with self and others.

  6. Compassion - Regular mindfulness practice naturally increases levels of compassion by changing the neurological composition of the brain, though we can still learn how to develop an increased conscious awareness of the need to be compassionate towards ourselves, others and all beings on a global scale. The interrelationship between ourself and others is parallel; the more compassion we have for yourself, the more we have for others and vice versa, therefore compassion directed in either direction will grow the other. 

  7. Intention - This form of goal setting leads to a better understanding or in some ways reveals the purpose behind what we do. Why do we do the things we do? It appears that sometimes we are willing to cut off our nose to spite our face. Developing an awareness of your intentions is like having a road map to wisdom and your intention also initiates this journey of discovery. You will find that living intentionally means making the right decisions based on the information available at the time.

  8. Doing/Being - Positive meditation cultivates and improves relationships through constructive feedback. The relationships you experience with everything and everyone is what makes the difference. Knowing the essence of who we are affords us the inner strength to adopt a more positive outlook. We start to live a life which is not based on chance but through the positive interactions we have with our environment.

  9. Body/Mind - The body is as much the mind as the mind is the body.  Between them they convert pressure into touch, molecules into smells, wavelengths into sight, vibrations into sound and chemical reactions into taste. It could be claimed that a sixth sense is awareness. Positive Meditation treats all this as one, even when everything around you says they are separate. It is through connectivity you will grow to know yourself and adopt a wholesome attitude.

  10. Application of Meditation - The selection of your most suitable meditation could make the difference between a poor or good experience. The field of meditation has in recent times experienced rapid growth fed by the need to address different issues. Although we offer mindfulness, other forms of meditation exist for your investigation. There is no right or wrong way of meditating, it comes down to individual preferences.

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Mental freedom starts here...

I offer a bespoke one-to-one Mindfulness course online for people who are either new to the concepts of mindfulness or would like to deepen their understanding. As a fully qualified and CMA accredited Mindfulness and Meditation teacher, who trained on this wonderful Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training course via The School Of Positive Transformation, it is with passion that I share my knowledge and experience with you to help you to live a happier, healthier and more positive life, free from negative thought patterns, fear, self-judgment, worry, shame, anxiety and stress.

My background in Applied Positive Psychology (MSc) ensures my teachings are scientifically evidenced. Although I am a great advocate of Western Psychology, I feel we can learn a lot from the spiritual, Eastern roots of the practice and so I offer a balanced approach.

I have created a unique Positive Mindfulness course that incorporates positive psychology and mindfulness to deliver a mix of both and results in benefits such as:

-Training your attention and focus - essential for deadlines and participation at work or studying.

-Increased confidence and self-esteem - feel better when meeting new people and more confident to master presentations.

-Releasing judgement towards self and others - Learning to notice and let go of critical thoughts which often become words we wish we'd never spoken. 

-Creating space for you to get to know yourself more deeply 

-Expanding new horizons and improving wellbeing. Mindfulness leads to healing and growth and allows for deep rest (as much as deep sleep in some meditations!)

-Fostering more compassion towards yourself and others (An essential skill in order to thrive)


Maybe you think you would benefit from incorporating a daily practise into your life now but can't keep it regular or keep losing interest or belief in the benefits. If so, this course goes beyond sitting in silence and focusing on the breath and teaches you the 'why' behind meditation.


Whether you think you can't do it because your mind is 'too busy' or you find it boring or just don't understand how to do it, you'll learn the answers to questions you may have and realise you're not alone. 

I like to offer a personalised course for you, and so I offer an initial consultation to find out what you'd like to achieve, free of charge. Click here to schedule now.

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Your Positive Mindfulness Coach, Jenna Sinclair (Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology MSc, Applied Psychology BA (Hons), CMA-accredited Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

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What Clients Say

"I came across Jenna's profile while trying to find a good mindfulness instructor, with a wish to learn new skills during the course of global pandemic lockdown situation. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life thus far to spend my weekend time worthwhile, from an otherwise stressful & hectic work life. Jenna is extremely passionate about the subject & adept at it, to have uniquely crafted a 10-week Mindfulness course, based on the scientifically proven Positive Psychology approach. Each of the covered topics like Gratitude, Compassion, Intention, Attention, Mind/Body Connection to name a few among others are well narrated & proved to be very helpful on my quest for self improvement, to unlock my hidden potential & to realize my strengths and areas of improvement.  


Jenna is also a very kind-hearted gentle soul & an extremely personable coach who always listens to your real life problems with a pleasant disposition & then offers her perspective that would make you think, reflect on reacting vs responding and not judging one self,  work on getting rid of ego and to better manage all our emotions. Those self introspective lessons also ends with a guided meditation to bring about a positive change in our lives & help manifest good things. Overall they have deeply influenced my life & helped change my state of mind & transform myself for good, in a very positive way. 


I express my heartfelt gratitude to Jenna for all her insightful lessons on positive psychology & mindfulness and to help me become a better version of my true self on this journey of self discovery. I would also highly recommend Jenna, for those seeking to explore the positive impact of life coaching & mindfulness." - Vijay, Texas, USA

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