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What is positive mental rehearsal and how can it help you?

Mental rehearsal is the conscious envisioning of a future an event or situation, also known as visualising.


As humans we have a negativity bias of 3:1 negative to positive thoughts. This is evolutionary to help us problem solve. Also up to 95% of our thoughts are unconscious. This means we are mostly thinking about problems and imagining problems and situations three times more often than considering good outcomes AND are doing so unconsciously. You can relate to this, I'm sure. Thinking about what could go wrong? Catastrophising?

Good news is you can become better by simply practising what you want to be better at, in your mind. Imagining.

Sports Psychologists and coaches globally use a POSITIVE mental rehearsal technique with athletes to enhance performance because the brain doesn’t know the difference between mental rehearsal and real life. So if you practise in your head, you practise in real life...

So if you take time out of your day to imagine yourself performing tasks as you’d LIKE to be able to do them: public speaking, managing time, being organised, giving feedback, pitching to a client, working out more or eating healthier, you build strengthened neural pathways in your brain…and the more well-trodden these neural paths are, the more automatic these tasks become for you. Making it effortless, easy and habitual.

You are unlimited.

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